Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

 27th August 2017, Saturday 12:43am

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone, i am back! (Acting like i got many followers) haha
It was very long time i didn’t write anything in this blog so tonight i feel like to write something as i got very long ‘me time’ for me.

I read my past and scrolling down my old posting in this blog and i had a loud of laugh. I never thought that i have been growing up as an adult today and keep read about my past. I am ashamed with my words and certain post that i wrote. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya.
I back to my teaching track by opening the tuition classes for the villager’s kids since I feel that this is my passion.

I quit my job at the very young age and decided to be a ‘work from home’ person. I really can’t handle dealing with any company. I think the most meaningful moment in our life is being employed, but not for me. I think my life become worst when I am working based on the few jobs that I quit few years ago.

Now I am going back on this teaching track. I have think and do a deep conversation with myself about this and finally I decided to do this even I don’t know until when. I hope that Allah swt will guide me in this.

My elder sister was born a daughter named Hawa and I become an aunt with my name officially changed to Omma (in Korean means mom) -_-

Hafiz now turns 7th and he passes his first mid-examination with very flying colors. Look at the picture below. Yes, of course i am proud as his sister. He told me that he wants to be an architect. I feel like, hmmm whatever. I don’t even know where he got that idea since I teach him to be an ustadz and never mention the architecture career to him. Pengaruh tv kot.

I am satisfied with staying home and help my parents facing their old age moment and whatever it is, this is what I called job satisfaction! Haha. And they are my big why to stay and work from home. Aku xboleh tengok mama dengan baba membesarkan Hafiz tanpa aku.

I don’t know why but I feel that they are really need my help to handle Hafiz especially regarding to his education and school. i also felt that my parents deserved more time to spend with Hafiz as they are growing old but Hafiz still young and I know Hafiz will be test with the loss of his loved one, its either mama, baba or his siblings. So I need to tell him every time that we are not live forever so he can think that slowly. And when the time really happened, he can understand and accept it. Mungkin sebab tu bila dia merajuk, dia sebut “biarlah adik mati, jangan kamu cari adik”. Mungkin dia sudah mulai faham erti kematian and I hope so. 

I am the heavy sleeper, so I think I should sleep now. See ya.