Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

Assalamu'alaikum wbt,
Tengah berusaha untuk prepare slide and notes untuk mengajar murid2 dalam kelas tutorial esok. Haha. Aku angan2 menjadi tutor atau pensyarah di Sekolah Psikologi dan Kerja Sosial(SPKS) UMS. So what, kau ada?? Amin Idris cakap. Hihi~ Xlama lagi PRU. I am very nervous as this is the first time aku ,pergi mengundi. But, lupakan tentang PRU, jom baca ni. I dont know why I like this simple words or text maybe? Whatever, but I do like it so much. So, to all of the readers, enjoy it. I hope that this will answer why I can t accept anyone(esp a man) to be my special person. Sorry seems to be the hardest words, but saying I Love You to a person who I am not familiar with, its not my routine. Haha. Yalah tu kan routine?? -_-
Physiology Phsycology. Tunggu makcik bentang esok! Kekekekek~

Tadi, there were 5 of the students from Philippine, from the exchange student programme between my university and theirs. They enter our tutorial class and I look that they are very friendly. And what happend in the lecture hall is, i was alone sit beside their lecturer from their university. My friends left me and there is no empty seat for me when I am trying very hard to move and avoid their lecturer. :D Unfortunately, I cant as theres no empty seat for me, and for 2 hours I am acting that I was actually listening to the lecture.(sok suci orang Indon cakap)

Ok tamat kisah di alam kampus! Sekarang ini berbeza ya.
Selamat Membaca. :)

I'd rather be SINGLE than waste my time on somebody who's not gonna take me seriously. I'd rather watch other couples be happy than be a relationship where I'm going to be miserable. I'd rather feel lonely than feel alone even when I'm with somebody. I'd rather wait until someone comes along and genuinely wants to be with me, than rush into something with someone who just wanna play games with me. 


Mood Jiwang Malam Ini!!!! Hehe