Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

#midnight till dawn

Salam. Hello. Anyeong.
03:24 am/22.2.2016

Just wanna share this, for me and yours. 
Actually I am crying while reading a post on facebook, about a kids that missed his mommy.
So, I think this is very useful to make your kids understand about the death.
While reading this, I just can think about one name, Hafiz.
I am imagining how we would explain to him if he lost someone in this happy family.
I keep thinking how to explain to him if one of us has gone/died during his childhood sebab jarak umur antara kami dengan Hafiz jauh berbeza.

Baba: 55 tahun
Mama: 44 tahun
K.P: 26 tahun
Me : 25 tahun
W : 23 tahun
Y : 22 tahun
E : 20 tahun
Hafiz : 6 tahun

See, you will noticed our age differ too much.
Anything can happen in the future, unexpected or under your expectation.
And I keep thinking about our family's future.

Ya ALLAH, i seek for Your forgiveness, i ask Your mercy. 
If the death come to me, please take care of Hafiz. 

I remembered when I am acting that I am died, to see his response towards me.
When I am stop breathing and laying down, he keep punching me and shake me non stop.
When i didn't react to that, he start to bite me coz he know that i cant stand with his teeth.

And then i asked him. "Adik, kenapa adik gigit Kak Cha?" 

"Sbb Adik ingat Kak Cha mati.." he replied.

"Kalau Kak Cha mati betul2 macam mana?" I asked him more.

He said, "Adik terjun laut supaya adik mati sama-sama Kak Cha sebab Kak Cha xsayang adik sudah.." 

Waktu tu cuma Allah tahu macam mana hati aku bila dengar Hafiz jawab macam tu.
Terasa mcm hati ni ditusuk benda yang sangaaaattt tajam.

So as I told earlier, when i logged into my facebook, i found this posts, that makes me cried all night today.

I hope that you can feel what I feel after reading this books. ENJOY.