Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

#killing the tension
Can you just leave me alone?
Just for this week, I hope that I can relax and watching my favorite movie.
I want to take a rest for a while,
Makes my mind free from anything coz my chest can feel a big stone staying now.
I hope that I can cry as much as I want.
And laugh as loud as I want.
Can you leave me just for a while?
I am ignoring you it’s not because I hate all of you, but I need some space for breath.
I can’t hold this.
I want to run but I can’t.
I want to run if it is possible.
Is it impossible to live as what you had wished.
It is impossible for me to follow yours.
All of yours,
 and their dream.
Me too, I have my own dream and life.
I have the most important things to take care of.
I don’t want anything, stop bothering.
So, as you read this, please leave and go.


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