Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

My Mother Tongue Language.

Today, I went back to my kampung with my Mama and Hafiz.
It was so suprised when I saw theres a group of student from the same university with me near the primary school at my kampung.
Then, I asked my Nek Tam and Nek Tih bout them, then my nenek said that they camping in there. Ouh. Im suprised coz my kampung is just a small area of kampung actually and not very popular.
So, Im proud because they went there.
Okeh. Actually I want to talk about my mother tongue language,


There are many types of this language now. I dont know why, ada banyak-banyak mazhab sudah.
Bajau Suluk, Bajau Filipin, Bajau Semporna, and Im lucky because I am one of Bajau Sama(area Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Marudu etc.)
Bila di kampung, bahasa Bajau Sama yang aku dengar.
Both of my nenek2 from my mothers' and my fathers' family talk using this language since I was born.
Alhamdulillah, now I can understand what they are saying during chit chatting or gossiping with me. Hihi.

I want to introduce you about Bajau Sama trademark. Lets go!

"Mangan nya' mangan, asal jo kurung-kurung"

This trademark was very popular among us, Bajau Sama ethnic.
Maksud quotes tu ialah..

"Biarlah makan kah atau ndak makan,
asal kan berkumpul ramai-ramai"

Nice quotes right! Hehe.

Now, I want to indtroduce basic words in our ethnic.
Feel free to pronounce and learn ok! :)

1. Anggota Badan/ Parts of Body

Kepala- teko'ok
Mata- moto
Mulut- bowa'

Ini baru anggota badan. Sekarang, I want to teach how to communicate using the many words.

1. What is your name
-siyen oron nu

2. How old are you
-dangei umur nu

3. Where do you live
-minggo kou temban

4. Who is your fathers' name
-siyen oron emak nu

5. Who is your mothers' name
-siyen oron eyang nu

6. Why do you love me
-nginei kou sayang ta' aku

7. Terima kasih
-terimo kasih

8. Do you understand what Im saying now?
-terati nu ko iyen bara' ku tu

9. Why is it very difficult for you to understand
-nginei te' susa bana ngarip ta' kao tu (Hihi)

Oklah. Thats all for this.
My sister want to using this laptop for her thesis.

See you later inshaALLAH.

Dont practice no.9 to others coz it will make the others laugh!


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