Hamba ALLAH swt yang Luarbiasa !

Lets Hang Out !

Assalamu'alaikum wbt. 
I forgot to tell what makes me smile for whole day and relaxing me the most for today. Actually, this morning(17.02.2012) my family and I went to our campus to settle all my older sisters' preparation for convocation. 
Then, I grab the opportunities to get my hostels' key from the residents staff at the Kampung E, the name of my hostel. Lepas pergi PPIB, pergi SST pula untuk ambil tesis my sister. Then baru pergi Kampung E to take my key. But unfortunately, when I arrived there, I saw theres a group of staff hold a meeting at the Chase Perdana, the place I should get my key. I cant entered that room as I will disturb the meeting. Then I decide to ask the other staff at Pejabat Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) whether I can get the key from them or not as the staff at Chase Perdana are all in the meeting. 

But, he said;
"Kat sini xboleh ambil kunci dik, kamu kena ambil di Chase Perdana. Kat sini cuma pendaftaran saje"

Then I answered him;
"Tapi, diorang tengah meeting? What should I do?"

He asked me;
"Xpelah. Adik boleh tunggu tak hingga meeting tu habis?"

I looked at my phone, 10:56 am. The office will be closed at 11.30am because the muslimin staff will perform their Solat Jumaat.

 Then I just say;
"Xpa lah encik. Thank you." 

Then I go to the car while my Baba my Mama my Adik and my younger sister are waiting dengan muka boring. Haha

After that, I suggested my Baba to go at the ODEC.
I dont know the long term but it is a place with beaches and look like an island. The most beautiful places in my campus, I think? Hee
After 5minutes, we arrived there. I saw theres a huge tree with the swings made my tree also and tied with roof. My sister-sister and me running faster to compete to get that natural-made swings near the beach. We played and enjoyed laughing when teasing each other. So happy ! I laughed a lot.

And what is the most funniest thing happened is, I take off my socks since there is no visitors there and to feel the sands. I placed it at the tree without they seeing that. But, my sister take the ranting kayu and cucuk my socks and give it to my Mama and teasing her.

You know what my Mama said?

"Eeeeeee. Stoking pekerja tu. Simpan sana balik. " 

sambil buat muka geli and avoiding my socks.

I laughed loudly because my Mama said that my socks look alike with the cleaner socks. I laughed until my Baba feeling weird and ask whose socks is that because he is not at that place when the drama begin. Then, I cant hold my laughed. I laughed again and admitted that is my socks. Very naughty siblings. Haha

Then, we sit and taking pictures together. Abadikan kenangan serta merta. But I cant upload that picture coz I am not wearing my socks. :D

Itu sahaja lah cerita untuk hari ini. For you, just chill out and take your time to strengthen your family bonds with hang out together or do some work together, and you'll be family oreinted when you are getting married one day. InshaALLAH. See you at the next posting!!

p/s : kenapa aku pakai stoking? aku takut nanti terpercik api neraka. :(


  1. Jadi kak sudahla kakak amik kunci?
    lucu juga cerita kakak di atas ne..terhibur sy..ee stokin pekerja..haha..:D

  2. lama sudah kakak ndak update belog..enduk..